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EPITA International Newsletter
March 2013
EPITA International Newsletter
We hope that this new edition of EPITA's International Newsletter finds you well! We have many things to announce.

In spite of the cold winter, activities at EPITA never freeze. The school has hosted two major conferences: Cyber-Defense in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense and «Open Data, Social Network and Crowdsourcing Impact» organized by the Multimedia & Information Technology major at EPITA. The student's union has organized the exciting PIXEL PARTY hosting more than 1,200 students. Our international student Nitish Bhole won a price with Dassault Systemes.

In February, senior Master students have achieved outstanding Research & Innovation Projects.

And March is the beginning of a new semester of the International Master's curriculum. We are happy to welcome our new Spring 2013 cohort coming from countries all over the world such as Denmark, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Syria, Turkey.

Have a good time reading our March edition.


Christophe Rouvrais
Director Development & International Office
Celia Fernandez
Célia Fernandez,
Exchange Programs

Anne Menard
Anne Menard,
Executive Assistant

Marie Sempéré
International Officer

Rabih Haddad
Rabih Haddad,
Deputy Director
Development & International Office

Happening on campus
Cyber-Defense at EPITA

The Ministry of Defense and the Citizen Reserve of Cyber-Defense chose EPITA, school of computing intelligence to organize, on Thursday February 14, their first day of Cyber-Defense. More than 250 students of the school were present to participate in this event.
This operation aimed at interacting and exchange ideas with the young people. During the afternoon, workshops led by a military staff or a reservist with pools of students have allowed these military officials to collect their ideas and opinions on the subject as well as their motivations.

Cyber-defense is indeed a new dimension in which computer engineers with a high level in the field of security in particular, are a force to be reckoned.
For EPITA, hosting such an event is in line with the position shown by the school in terms of computer security. One of the EPITA's major called "Systems, Networks and Security" (SRS) fulfills the very high market expectations for security and many alumni of the school make their career in the Ministry of Defense or in companies and institutions that are linked with the Ministry.

Open Data, Social Network and Crowdsourcing Impact

The MIT day, projects presentation of the Multimedia & Information Technology major at EPITA, has taken place this year on the 23rd of January 2013. For this year version, students should provide the MIT applications based on open data concept. At the end of this event, the school has organized a round-table based on the theme «Open Data, Social Network and Crowdsourcing Impact».

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For the students / From the students
International Master's New Cohort, Spring 2013

On 4th of March 2013 our second cohort of students for the academic year 2012/2013 will be joining our family. The International Master's team at EPITA is thrilled that you will be joining our family.

Welcome and congratulations on your arrival at EPITA!

Pixel Party
Nitish BholeThe first edition of the PIXEL PARTY took place on Friday 1st of February, at EPITA, and was organized by a student club of EPITA. The concept is based on a visual show, called video mapping. Video mapping is a projected visual animation.
This multimedia technology allows to project videos on volumes, to recreate large-sized images on relief structures, such as monuments, or to recreate universes in 360 degrees.

  Picture by Ephemere

Animated by videos jockeys, these sets of optical illusions can remind the famous «Fête des Lumières» that takes place each year in Lyon and where they use the technology of video mapping.

With around 1,200 students, this party was one of the most successful of the year.

From the corporate world
Joël Courtois, an outstanding personality in the digital field in France

01 Business & TechnologiesIn the weekly magazine 01 Business & Technologies, the General Manager of EPITA, Joël Courtois, appears as one of the 100 personality who further the digital field in France.
EPITA is recognized as a school producing engineers able to adapt to current business needs, and capable of creativity and innovation in the field of new technologies.

An International Master student received a price from the «3DS Innovation Forwards 2012» of Dassault Systemes.

Nitish BholeNitish BHOLE, International Master Student who arrived at EPITA one year ago, and who is actually doing his internship period at Dassault Systemes , participated to the "3DS Innovation Forwards 2012", a very prestigious competition in Dassault Systemes , and received a price. Congratulations Nitish and thank you for flying the flag of EPITA!

Research & Innovation Project Results

We have announced in the previous edition of our newsletter the launch of the Research & Innovation Project for the fall semester and I now we have the pleasure to announce the impressive results achieved of these projects. There were 4 projects running at the same time and the below deliverables obtained are beyond prototype. We have seen real and tangible outcomes!

1. REAAAD Analytics

The students built up an online platform that provides users with the opportunity to monitor the evolution of books, publishers, and authors in the virtual sphere. The dashboard is designed to display sales information from the e-commerce industry and popularity among readers by using the social media networks activity.

2. EPITA International Students Guide

The students have created an Android application as a guide for the International students that run on smart phones as well as tablets. The application is designed to run offline and to display all information required to guide the International students on their arrival.

3. Auto Adaptive System Control Platform

The students built up a website and Android application to populate and manage data that are obtained from ANT enabled devices. A main phase of this project was to make ANT compatible to devices reading the data.

4. SFR-Numergy Cloud Computing

The students created an online platform embedded in SFR website that allows clients to simulate a calculation of the cloud service provided by SFR based on the clients entered specifications. The obtained results will help the client choose the suitable level of cloud service, prepare the configuration, and evaluate the operating costs.

Picture of the Month
DésintégrationThe last year students went to the French Alps, at Arc 1800, to celebrate the end of their studies and their entering in the professional life (through internships).
It was an opportunity to share a moment out of the school with their classmates a very last time.

The action of the sun and light

sunset in ParisDepending on where we are, we do not have the same time of sunshine per day. For example, the same day, the sun rises at 7:21 a.m. in Montevideo, Uruguay, to set at 8:35 p.m., offering more than 13 hours of sun in the day. That same day, in Nuuk, Greenland, the sun rises at 8:06 a.m. and sets at 5:15 p.m., which makes a total of 9 hours of sun! Does it have an influence on our body?
The answer is yes! Light and darkness are benchmarks to regulate our sleep cycles and energy. They also regulate our mood. This process is not just psychological. It is also physiological: our eyes transmit light to a region of the hypothalamus, and thus are secreted active hormones such as serotonin.
In the darkness, the brain secretes melatonin, the sleep's hormone. Depending on the point of the globe where we are, so we adapt our organization daily. At all times, men have organized their pace of life on the rhythm of the sun to capture the maximum of its energy! At what time do YOU wake up and go to bed?
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